April 22, 2014

The Proposal

Saturday, April 19, 2014.

After 3 years and 5 months, finally we reached that path. It was one of the biggest decisions in my life. Tough time had passed, and Allah made it clear that day. Alhamdulillah... :')

The preparation had been started for more than a month. He formally asked me on March and his family planned to hold it in my holiday. I was so nervous, it was like a dream! It was difficult at first, but I knew Allah would always guard me and bless our intention. First step was convincing myself and asking my parents. Surprisingly, they agreed though they was shocked as I predicted, LOL. Second step was introducing him and requesting approval from my big family. It was not easy because they loved me too much and they still assumed me as a little girl, oh too sweet :') but finally, with Allah's help, I succeeded to get the approval and a lot of prayers. Thank youuu, especially for my grandma and auntie.

Third step was preparing the details like 'seserahan'  and the rings. I really had no idea about this and I had to steal some time between my final test. Thank God, I got help from his cousin and she accompanied us to buy things we needed. On that moment, I realized that shopping was important knowledge that I should have learned :( We hunted in Tanah Abang for clothes, bags, prayers equipment, veils, and bed cover then we continued to buy bath and make ups items in Tebet Market. We bought shoes and personal items in some malls in Tangerang, and the rings were ordered in Cikini Gold Market. When we arrived there on Saturday at 4.30 pm the store was almost closed, but the owner still served us well. I chose the white gold for me and the silver one for him with my name carved behind his ring, and his behind mine. The service for name carve was free, happy! It took three weeks to finish the rings. It was tiring, but they said the struggle would be the sweet memory for us.

April 17, 2014


Let's try something crazy. Before we move on, I will tell you about myself. I am Emily Maple Chemical Cherry. Surprised with my name? So am I. My father is a scientist. My mother loves plants. Magically, they both adore Einstein. And I become the victim. They create my name refer to this popular relativity equation: E=mc2. Got it now?

My parents never allow me to fall in love or have fun for eighteen years. When the girls scream for One Direction concert, i dream about Milky Way with encyclopedia below my head. So, here is the clue about something crazy that I've told before: "Emily will fall in love". It's not an axiom or hypotheses, by the way. I jump directly to conclusion: "I already fall in love!"

Who's the man? He is the man I've found in Facebook! He is my friend's friend. I made a note about the book that I've just read and I tagged my friend, but incidentally she mentioned him in her comment - because he liked that book too. Then, we became friend! Nature conspired!

April 16, 2014

The Rocking Chair

There was an old woman who used to sit on the rocking chair while staring to the sunset over the tower accross the terrace of her house. She was a  seventy-something grandma of her seventeen-year-old favorite girl. She waited there for years with the same position, the same anxiety, and the same clothes' style - drinking tea from the same cup and chewing the same brand of biscuits.

What made difference was the time which changed as the girl grew up. It was twelve turned to be three and got to be six. If the clouds didn't bother hiding the sky from red to black, from glad to sad, sunset was the only entertainment she had while seeking sound of the footsteps, knowing the girl had gone home safely, kissing her hand, and helping her waking up from the rocking chair - the old-wooden one with crying out rhymes as it shook.

All she needed was that girl. She didn't want to have dinner or to get to sleep before seeing that girl close to her. She took care her, prayed for her, and slept next to her every night. Fortunately, she loved that girl too much. Yet, unfortunately she loved that girl too much.

And one day, the sunset didn't look nice anymore. It was difficult choice. She didn't want to let go but the girl had to chase her dreams. She still waited on her rocking chair wishing the girl come back and hugging her. She missed her until having no appetite and she began to sick. On the fortieth day of the flight, the old woman lied down on the rocking chair for the last time - the old-wooden one with crying out rhymes as it shook.

April 8, 2014

The Art of Missing Someone

One day, you will find the beauty of holding the phone, pressing the buttons, and cancelling it suddenly because you understand your ego is nothing compared with the need of having good rests for your loving one. You cover your body with blanket though you are awake because your nerves ask that voice for their lullaby. The eyes never lie and they create the rains without cold and storm shaking your body until you fall asleep. God answers your prayers and gives you nice dreams. You remember every detail and you have more energy in the morning. You jump and search your phone over your bed once you wake up. The battery is off. You are hurry to charge and turn the power on. It will be like a chocolate box. Sometimes you find a hello, a smile, sometimes you don't. Sometimes you get a little sorrow. But you let it be, it happens again tomorrow.

April 4, 2014

Passport Pertamaku

Lagi-lagi berasa telat, LOL. Saat yang lain udah berkali-kali ke luar negeri, saya baru ngurus passport dong -__- Sebenernya udah lamaaa banget pingin ngurus, sejak tahun 2012 mungkin. Kalau mau ngurus di kantor imigrasi (kanim) Jakarta dan KTPnya bukan domisili Jakarta, harus pakai surat keterangan kerja. Suratnya udah punya, eh males banget buat izin pergi ngurusnya ke kanim. Setelah tugas belajar, makin jauh deh itu berasa kanim..........

Berhubung pulang, sekalian deh ngurus passport. Belum ada rencana buat pergi kemana-mana hoho tapi sesuai yang saya percayai kita harus mempersiapkan kebaikan-kebaikan dari Allah itu datang. Setidaknya punya passport dulu hehehe. Saya bikin passport di Kanim Kelas I Khusus Medan. Lumayan jauh huhu tapi ada abah yang nganterin...... baiknyaaa. Kirain sepi jadi datangnya nggak terlalu pagi, eh sampai jam 8 pagi dapat antrian nomor 81 alhamdulillaaah masih dapat soalnya sampai nomor 90 antrian udah ditutup.

Sekarang mengurus passport sendiri jauh lebih mudah dan murah. Pelayanan sudah lebih baik. Jasa percaloan masih ada tapi tidak separah dulu, dan formulirnya gratis tis tis. Formulir bisa diisi secara online dan secara manual, alias langsung datang ke kanim. Saat mengisi formulir selalu ada perbedaan pandangan antara passport 24 halaman dan 48 halaman.

April 1, 2014


Sleeping with mother. Being hugged. Enjoying her food. Walking with father. Telling some random stories. Looking his old face during working. Being in their prayers. Crying and getting advices. Studying with young brother. Knowing that he understands what you've been saying. Listening his dreams. Meeting the real people. Helping and talking. Being patient and respect. Escaping and finding yourself. Realizing about how this world's running. Sometimes you can't please everyone, sometimes people may come and just go from your life.

For me, it's the best thing of having days-off. It's all about being a human and doing something that you rarely experience. And you'll one day regret because you've missed it.

That kind of happiness is just... priceless.