September 2, 2013

APEC CEO Summit 2013: The Young Generation, The Powerful Assets of Indonesia

Indonesia is going to be the host of APEC CEO Summit held in Bali on October 5-8, 2013. It is the perfect momentum that we should appreciate and support – as the people of Indonesia with any brilliant idea we have – to build the stronger foundation of economy in Indonesia. Joining APEC is powerful step taken by Indonesia which implements the independent and active foreign policy. I believe that it is a great opportunity for Indonesia to promote its competitive advantages, to enlarge the channel of positive investments between other countries in order to strengthen domestic productivity and domestic markets due to prepare the free trade markets and international competitiveness, and to solve the international problems related to economy crisis which can threaten every country either developed or developing one.

Furthermore, the brainstorming process conducted these days by APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) has been serious trigger for Indonesia to manage the dialogues among the private, public, and government sectors as the main triangle of economy systems and to produce the qualified framework of solutions to discuss in APEC CEO Summit 2013. The solutions have involved various layers of stakeholders so I believe the problems are reviewed from different point of views and can be accepted as the best solutions for Indonesia over interests of anyone. But, what becomes the most interesting thing? ABAC also gathers fresh thoughts and voices from the youth of Indonesia – treasures that used to be ignored – from this writing competition for instance.

Going toward the APEC CEO Summit 2013, Indonesia is going to carry three main priorities. They are achieving Bogor Goals, creating equality in sustainable development, and encouraging the connectivity. I believe that sustainable development can be approached by maintaining the equality between the APEC members and minimizing the gaps among the economy sectors from women, small and medium enterprises, friendly environment business, and innovation from the youth. So, what can we conclude from the statements above? Precisely, there is a clear relation between the role of youth and the priority that Indonesia sets.

September 1, 2013

So, This is Happiness

Happiness is...

When I visited my office and I met friends who greeted me with their smiles, I listened friendly words from my beautiful boss, I sat in my cubicle for a while, and I took crowded and delayed commuter line when I came home.

Happiness is...

When we decided to go to cinema without any planning, you still wore your uniform, and I still haunted with assignments. I felt recharged, and I could accomplish them sooner than I thought.

Happiness is...

When I wore your t-shirt when I got to sleep, and I wore my mom's cute blouse as her favourite when she was a girl, I felt close to both of you. I could feel it.

Happiness is...

The week with lack of sleep and lot of tasks were over. And I had a very good nap in the weekend.

Happiness is...

Being grateful and believe... let Allah do the rests. I believe You, Allah.