July 30, 2013


In my opinion, procrastination is a nature of human being. Everyone has tendency to get something for free though there will be no "free-lunch" in this world. People love enjoyment and the habit of delaying is such an addiction. We're going to feel satisfy after breaking the limit because having enourmous impulse and a bunch of ideas to accomplish things in last minutes, right? People also like to blame other when they failed and when they compared life to others. Life is a choice, right? Man jadda wajada :)

I am used to maintaining this procrastination thingy sometimes :( I often lack focus, lose mood, get sleepy, watch Running Man or Big Bang Theory, check timeline, wander around, or clean my room (okay, weird, I have some OCD in cleaning) when I need to accomplish something. And the result, I have to stay awake all night to push myself before deadline comes. So baaad. Too many reasons, too many regrets.

Then I find this hadith. Two things most people be fooled in, health and leisure time". (Bukhari, Imam Ahmad and Imam Turmudzi).

Oh Rabb. Yeah, sometimes we ignore our health. And procrastination makes us forget to fulfill the leisure time with something nice and productive.

I am not smart, that's why I have to be more diligent :'(

I hope I don't let my age meaningless and waste my time with something that I will regret because I am too late to do it in my past.

July 28, 2013

I Would Call It A Superb Week

Ramadhan means hospitality and tightening bonding between family and friends - one of the ways is by having break-fasting together! On Monday, I tried Bebek Kaleyo Bintaro with ai, my lovely dormmate. Aaah finally we had seat and I could taste the hot cayenne sauce menu. On Tuesday evening -after the long lectures- I went to Cempaka Putih to attend my aunt's invitation. It was my first time after moving to Bintaro that I stepped to Jakarta again, LOL. I missed the atmosphere! The traffic was horrible. It was also my first time awkwardly trying commuter line from Pondok Ranji to Tanah Abang with new e-ticketting system then I continued to her house by bus. Unfortunately, I didn't get any bus to come back. I waited until an hour and there were many bad guys that I really wanted to slap! My dormmate and her friend called, and they forced me to let them drive me home. Alhamdulillah, they saved me. They really cared. I was very grateful that behind all of my anxieties, there were people that had willingness to help :')

I gathered with my SEC exco ministers on Wednesday. We ate in Pelangi Makassar Bintaro. It was my first time to get there but I was not the only one who get shocked after receiving the plate, the portion was extremely big! I had to separate it to two portions and take out the half portion to dorm *cry* And here it was - on Thursday - I wished It would have not happened. I didn't have any appetite. I thought it was our first time to have serious long arguments like that. It was my fault because I tend to compare us with other. I just wanted to get more attention, honestly :( He kept quiet all day and it made me so broken. I cried and I couldn't sleep. But what really happened, he just gave me space to think. So here we are, we make it work out again with better understandings and adjustments. Every couple has their own curve of how to make things fine, right? I feel so grateful :') In this case, little fight sometimes works for your relationship to let you express what you feel and how you figure out of it. Love is in the air, better than before ;) Oh baby, I think I wanna marry you...... :D *sing*

Just because someone doesn't love you as the way you want them to, 
doesn't mean they don't love you with everything they have - Twitvotiare. 

I stayed on my aunt's house in Depok on weekend. I accompanied him to check his test room which would be held on Sunday.  It was also his first time to go by commuter line, so I was functioned as the tour guide. But I felt safe ;) My aunt and my uncle treated me to have break-fasting outside. I was so starving that day and waiting for five-minutes-more adzan felt like the longest minutes ever, LOL. It was in ITC Depok and it was soooo crowded. People went shopping and I felt bad about them who didn't do fasting to hunt some big sale :'( People were changed by overconsumption and possession just to impress others...

After accomplishing entrance test in UI Depok, he came to my aunt's house without telling me before and picked me up. Ah sweet, thank you! Things that make me like him the most is how he always guides me to pray in early time,  to be kind, and not to be vulnerable. May Allah bless you and ease your way to pass things that you want to reach :')

Anyway, going home is just a couple days to go, yeah! Strengthen your worship in these last 10 days of Ramadhan and make yourself get closer to Allah :)

(Bintaro-Jakarta-Depok, July 22-28)

Disclaimer: This post is so expressive, as always, right? Because I think, the only place in any kind of social media that makes me feel secure to do some PDA for fun and share my own feelings is here, my blog :) LOL

July 23, 2013

Self Note: Don't Screw Up

You are in a real danger when your doubt is greater than your competence and your trust to yourself.

How dare you are!

You wonder to yourself - why you don't learn much from your past experiences that can make you escape from terrible disappointment because of letting the coming opportunities go away. You wonder to yourself - why sometimes it's very difficult to raise hand and speak those hidden ideas confidently. You wonder to yourself - why your nerves don't have full commitment with your brain everytime you need it.

Shy? Why?

Sometimes being an introvert sucks. Sometimes, this simple thing like... gathering with people that make you feel uncomfortable can be... a very big challenge.

Can you promise not to be coward inside and show your bright side everyday? To give appreciation to yourself and gratitude to God?

Do not screw up. You can do it.

You've been these far. Brain, heart - stop talking about fear or what people would say about you. You've been going through more difficult than this, right? And you survived.

July 20, 2013

Patahan #77

"Sekali dalam hidup orang mesti menentukan sikap. Kalau tidak, dia takkan menjadi apa-apa" -  Nyai Ontosoroh kepada Mingke dalam roman Bumi Manusia (Pramoedya Ananta Toer).


It's very true! Kalau memang tidak mau ya bilang tidak, jangan ikut-ikutan orang lain. Bisa kan, icha? :)

July 18, 2013

New Family ❤

So, here is my family for this semester!


July 17, 2013

Belajar Investasi

Investasi adalah pengorbanan yang dilakukan di masa sekarang untuk menikmati manfaat di masa depan. Jadi ceritanya lagi getol-getolnya buat nabung dan baca-baca info tentang investasi. Penghasilan sebagai mahasiswa tugas belajar (yang harus pinter dihemat) dan status single (belum menikah) semakin memotivasi pembelajaran ini. Life is the everlasting learning process, right?

Kalau nggak mulai investasi dari sekarang sayang banget. Soalnya, di usia 20-an atau saat lagi penuh histeria baru dapat penghasilan sendiri biasanya cenderung bikin kita pingiiin terus-terusan memanjakan diri alias menikmati keringat sendiri - pingin beli ini itu dan pada akhirnya peningkatan pendapatan berbanding lurus dengan peningkatan konsumsi dan gaya hidup. Boleh banget dan harus banget yang namanya menikmati hidup, tapi yang harus diingat, hidup bukan untuk hari ini tapi juga di masa depan, ya kan? :)

Pengelolaan keuangan juga penting banget buat perempuan - yang notabene hobi belanja. Jangan karena menganggap diri 'perempuan', nggak peduli sama keuangan pribadi. Harus dong punya jaminan masa depan sendiri, punya investasi sendiri, selain bisa menambah 'nilai diri sebagai perempuan', bisa bantu keluarga, juga menyelamatkan diri sendiri saat lagi ada kebutuhan mendadak, at least you can save yourself and you don't need to borrow from others.

Jadi, apa pengelolaan keuangan sederhana yang lagi berusaha diterapkan saat ini:

1. Investasi yang paling menjanjikan itu cuma dua: investasi akhirat (zakat, sedekah, infak) dan investasi buat diri sendiri (pendidikan, kesehatan. Seperti kata Steve Jobs, "Jangan takut untuk berinvestasi pada diri Anda".

2. Hati-hati dalam pemakaian kartu kredit. Sebaiknya kartu kredit hanya digunakan kalau memang urgent banget atau memang sudah ada cash yang bisa menutupi sebelum tanggal jatuh tempo. Pembayaran minimum tiap bulan hanya akan melipatgandakan bunga dan menurunkan kredibilitas kalau nanti kita butuh pinjaman di bank :(

3. Selalu nabung di awal! Penggunaan Tabungan Rencana bermanfaat banget buat 'memaksa' nabung di awal karena akan otomatis terdebet dari rekening sumber ke rekening tabungan. Namun, kalau cuma nabung sebenarnya sayang - karena return tabungan nggak bisa menutupi biaya inflasi yang kenaikannya gedeee banget itu. Jadi nggak ada salahnya buat coba-coba beralih investasi di reksa dana - selain gampang (bisa autodebet), risikonya rendah, returnnya juga lebih menjanjikan. Kalau investasi emas aduh rasanya beraaat, dan saham risikonya tinggi, jadi yang safe-safe aja haha. Kembali lagi, semuanya tergantung dari tujuan investasi: jangka pendek atau jangka panjang? Buat nikah, buat sekolah, buat beli rumah, atau buat pendidikan anak?

4. Sisihkan dana cadangan, terutama buat perempuan - pentiiing banget untuk punya dana cadangan pribadi yang bisa dipakai kalau dibutuhkan sewaktu-waktu.

5. Investasi doa dari orang tua. Luar biasa ini buat melipatgandakan berkah :)

Postingan kali ini keliatan sok bijak deh haha. Soalnya dengan menulis bisa sekalian berkontemplasi dan komitmen buat saya belajar juga. Tapi, sekali lagi semua orang punya preferensi masing-masing dalam hidupnya. Kalau nggak dimulai dari sekarang, kapan lagi? You are the only one who's rensponsible to your future. Asik :D

July 15, 2013

Long Live Edelweiss! ❤

Wow, this blog has accompanied me for 4 years. It's been my life journal that helps me grow up. There are a lot of stories and memories - started when I was in second year in STAN, I graduated, I worked, then I came back to study here again. Or, since I was single until I met someone and enjoyed it day by day.

Every experience, bad day, hate, anger, questioning people, or simple happiness can be reflection that makes me grateful and teaches me to make better decision in my life. I do hope my blog will continue to bloom - maybe until I get married, I have children, I raise them happily, I go to London, and so on (I dream to be a cute wife and cool mom, actually. LOL). Who knows? :p

I really hope what I've shared can be useful for the readers too (Though I love to write random and weird things errrr). It's gonna be awesome when we can cherish every moment ❤

So, happy birthday edelweiss!

Note: Anyway, I miss my real edelweiss. I left it in my cubicle...

July 14, 2013

Self Note: What I've Just Learned :)

It feels like I've never followed any serious short story competition again after the one which held by KaWanku magazine 6 years ago or E-Love Story event about 2 years ago. Honestly, I'm not confident because starting to write again in real paper and structured plot is quite difficult for me. Exception for writing blog and flash-fiction, they are my freedom :')

So, I tried. I sent my story two days before deadline. I admitted that it was not the 'fiction story' because some parts of the story of father and daughter's bonding were real. Unexpectedly, my classmate challenged me to follow collaboration category just a couple hours before deadline. I was nervous because my writing was under average . But he supported and helped me a lot, he also combined the ideas. We just finished discussing the title "Adzan Terakhir di Muka Bumi" about twenty minutes before it ended. Phew.

And we got it. We were chosen as 17 best collaboration stories. In my opinion, he was the one who deserved most for this winning. Thanks for my friend :')

Anyone who wants to read the book may order here :)

Though my own story failed to be chosen as 200 favorite stories, but I did learn a lot. I realize that my writings are bad, need a lot of improvement to make it qualified, to help me satisfied, and to kick my boredom away.

I am really grateful for this experience

July 9, 2013

July :)

Midtest is over, here comes holy month :)

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan ke-7 di rantau. Masih dikasih Allah kesehatan, kesempatan, dan kelapangan untuk menikmati puasa dan berkah di dalamnya. Sekian tahun berlalu jauh dari rumah, atmosfernya tetap saja sama - kangen! Tapi, ibu kos di sini baiiiik banget, tiap hari bakal diajak sahur bareng huhu (mental anak kos). Semoga kali ini puasanya lebih baik dan ibadahnya lebih konsisten, juga... dijauhkan dari melankoli dan kesedihan yang tak perlu.

Ini juga pengalaman ujian pertama jadi mahasiswa DIV. Rasanya? Nervous. Tapi, ini adalah cara untuk mau menghargai diri sendiri, berusaha semaksimal mungkin dan jangan bermalas-malasan sebelum waktunya. It feels nice when you can challenge yourself. Saat ini teman-teman banyak yang kembali untuk menikmati puasa pertama di rumah. Ah, sepi. Saya dikasih banyak pinjaman koleksi buku dan film buat doping, hehe. Setelah dibius oleh Mingke, Nyai Ontosoroh dan Annelies (aaaah nangiiiiis) di novel pertama Manusia Bumi tetralogi Buru karya Pramoedya Ananta Toer, sekarang waktunya menikmati novel kedua dan ketiga. Ah, semoga sanggup menyerap isi buku-buku itu. Berat :')

Sejak di Bintaro juga rasanya males kemana-mana. Mungkin karena sekarang lebih ribet, daaan males, menikmati 'me time' ya sudah seperti ini saja nonton Running Man atau membaca haha lebih hemat jadinya. Dulu waktu masih ngantor kayaknya bisa langsung lompat kesana kemari tiap weekend atau nyerempet ke Atrium pulang kerja. Hihi, jadi inget kantor, ayam bakar Japang, dan orang-orang baik di dalamnya. Memories!

Apapun itu, jangan pernah merasa sendiri, Allah sebaik-baik penolong :) *self note*

Happy Ramadhan!