May 11, 2013

Bubbly May ~

It's been two weeks and I start to feel attached to my class. One of the best things is learning can successfully open my eyes. I figure out that there are a lot of things that I haven't known because of being trapped by the same routine in office everyday. Besides, I don't have to try so hard to kill the boredom. Staying in my room and doing things alone will always be a good idea.

Talking about room, yeah, I have moved to my own room. Sooo happy. The theme of my room is pink - haha too girly. By the way, I successfully picked all of my packs from downstairs to my room upstairs. What an achievement for me, huks. All my body is painful and I think I have muscles now. No! Oh yeah, Prince William and Mr. Sheldon Cooper (name of my USB ports, haha) are still loyal to accompany me here. Please, fight with me, okay :)

Another best thing is about distance - it's easier to see my boyfriend now. We've been closer as his office in Serpong and it doesn't need much time to get here. I don't need to wait for a week or two weeks later to reconcile each other's agenda. But it's like a nice curse. The more I see him, the more I miss him, right? :(

Then how? Just GET MARRIED SOON! *praying* *saving money*

And at last, I still hope I can go home soon. I miss mom, dad, and my only brother - I am not ready that he grows up and approached by girls. Go away, girls! *not good* *possessive sister, huks* The good news is I already get ticket for Eid al Fitr. It's still May but the price has been that crazy... :|

Alhamdulillah. So, keep calm and enjoy every moment :)