August 30, 2012

Sisterhood #2

I thought having weekend faster was not bad idea :)

Nur Khalimah - friend of mine in my boarding house - has been like a real sister. She is very kind, a good listener, and a loving person. I still remember when I was sick then she made a cup of hot chicken soup to heal the cold and let me sleep in her room when I cried a lot.

friendship. me (second sister), mbak nur (oldest sister), brama (older brother) :p

It was Thursday. She asked me to accompany her watching "Cinta Suci Zahrana" - one of Indonesia movie based on bestseller novel by Habiburrahman El Shirazy. It was my first time to watch in Atrium cinema because I was quite afraid to be there alone with some disturbing strangers around and the quality of theater was not so good. But it was the closest place with our office, so we directly went there after office hours, had break-fasting and Magrib prayer, then enjoyed the movie time!

The movie was about a thirty-something-yo woman who worked as lecturer and had just finished her education in Beijing but still hadn't got married. Her parents hoped that she would find her mate soon before they passed away but it was quite difficult for her. Many men tried to propose her - from her dean in the university, parents of her tutoring students until her lecturers' partners but it seemed not right and she still waited for something better. She took big risks and faced a lot of sad and terrible experiences to hold her faith and her heart - from losing her job, getting revenge from her dean, failure of marriage because her fiance died the day before, the death of her dad, until big depression of hers. But finally the patience met her with someone who really loved her since she was as a lecturer - and they got married. Yeah, happy ending!

Mbak Nur cried a lot beside me and we laughed so hard, commented the movie and the handsome actors yeah, and talked about scenes that sometimes happened to us too - yeah to the single ladies.

Then we realized that we shared a lot about marriage these days, about raising babies, and about being a wife, LOL. Many things that I didn't know and life ran so fast. Some of my best friends would get married one by one in the near weeks or months. I would miss them :')

So after that, we went home with better mood and spirit. Though it was Thursday and it was the end of the month, we still could find cheap and relaxing enjoyment to relieve from the hectic hours, be young, and be human again!

Yeah, movie time after office hours is a good idea. We should try it in another time! :D

Previous  sisterhood story is here.

Mother's Cooking

Mother's cooking is like heaven. I miss it everyday and distance irresponsibly makes it more delicious.

Have you ever tasted food that makes you cry successfully?

Yes, I have - mostly in two moments. First, when I've been so starving and officially broke then heihooo payday's coming - so I can buy good food and eat like having nothing for all day. It used to happen when I was in college. And yeah, I cried while eating and mumbling, "Ooh, it is so good!"

Second, when I'm away from home and I still can enjoy my mom's cooking. Mom used to send me package of love regularly before having examination. And when I go home, I love bringing some food so I can enjoy it in my boarding house - like what mom prepared for my coming back after Eid-ul-Fitr celebration, she asked me to bring beef stews, chips, and some homemade cookies. I warm the stews for days but the cookies run out fast (the jar is empty now, it's sad!). Oh, I do love those sprinkles cookies and kaasstengels - both recipes are inherited from generation to generation. I feel her love on them that arouses the appetite and I can cry.

Mom is my inspiration to learn cooking. She told me that she had no skill and ability to cook when she got married. But Dad gave chances and supports to learn - and grandmother taught her many recipes. Mom absorbed the lessons by helping grandmother cook everyday. And now, she is superchef for us!

I believe that every woman has nature on it - no matter what the background is. All we need is a lot of practices and chances to begin. I don't have many tools to learn in my boarding house and the herbs are easily rotten, so I just try to cook the simple ones, replace the baked cake with steamed cake (because there is no oven), and you'll find out that rice cooker is magically multifunctional!

Thank you Mom for the healthy delicious food created by your hands and your heart that makes us grow up and takes us until this far :')

Aku Suka Puisi Ini #2: Zarry Hendrik - Semoga Tidak Kamu Lagi

Ada rasa sedih saat melihatmu bahagia, bukan karna aku tidak ingin kamu bahagia, melainkan karena bukan aku yang membahagiakanmu.

Itu menyakitkan. Seperti pukulan yang sebenarnya ingin buatku tersadar. Mungkin ini waktu untuk aku terpuruk. Supaya aku dapat melihat Tuhan memakaikan kenangan ini untuk buatku dipenuhi kesiapan. Sehingga doa dapat melahirkan semangat dan kemudian buatku bangkit.

Namun ketahuilah sebelum aku sudah tak lagi mencintaimu ini darahku mengalir membawa bayang-bayangmu, mengelilingi tubuhku, dan jantungku berdenting demi kau menari-nari di pikiranku.

Ada satu hal yang sampai hari ini masih membuat aku bangga menjadi aku, yaitu karena aku mampu terima kamu apa adanya.

Aku meminta ampun kepada Tuhan, sebab aku pernah berharap kalau suatu saat, ketika angin menghempasku hilang dari daya ingatmu, aku ingin tidak lagi menginjak bumi. Sebab hidup terasa bagaikan dinding yang dingin.

Aku harus menjadi paku. Kamu yang bagai lukisan dan cinta itu palunya. Memukul aku, memukul aku, dan memukul aku sampai aku benar-benar menancap kuat.

Pada akhirnya, semoga tidak kamu lagi yang aku lihat sebagai satu-satunya cahaya di dalam pejamku sebelum pulas.

Taken from this.

#21 Self Note

Writing is indeed a great escape. It provides me enjoyment and entertains me from having broken heart and disappointment, lalala. And it feels like I jump to the other world and forget what's surrounding me T_T

Surely, blogging is the guilty pleasure allowed by my boss (thanks! :D). After accomplishing the tasks given or in the less hectic days, I am used to stealing some minutes to open my blog site and write ideas that pop in my mind. My blog is just like a diary and sharing positive things actually gives me better health and mood. Writing also stimulates your brain to keep young by trying to remember moments and picking the right words to compose. You learn much too by reading, blogwalking, and finding the matters and it's more useful than having a-wrong-time-nap in cubicle. Such an alibi for me, yay! *cheeks pinched*

But I'm not good in writing long story, I often lose my focus and lack of details. I prefer the short ones. I think people who can produce hundreds of pages novel and writings are amazing!

Sometimes my boss asks me to write articles or reports because of this behaviour. It's been a lot of fun though writing scientific work is much more difficult than writing the fiction. Yeah, it is! I compare it with essay or papers because you can't put any emotion in it and you need the reliable data and observations. Yeah, imagination is not enough. LOL.

Bad Habit

I have a bad habit that comes up when I'm stressful and get nothing to do in my room. I cut my own hair no matter how the result is. The result is not so bad, but also not so good. Then I regret that why I cut it.

I had long hair from kindergarten to high school. Dad didn't allow me to have shorter hair thought i hated it because it was frizzy and unmanageable. But Mom always treated it patiently, smeared hair oil regularly to make it smooth and black, and decorated it with cute ribbons and colorful bands. I loved collecting them. Thank you Mom :)

I tried to cut it by myself in second semester after having examination and dealing with experience that troubled my mind. I wanted to have bangs so I grasped hair in the front part and shaped it. I needed long time to make my bangs roll. But finally I did. Now I have bangs that I can show off to my self and to the mirror on the wall :p

I've never been satisfied with my haircut maybe I just haven't found the right hairdresser. Sometimes it's not like what I want and sometimes it has worse volume than it should be. Huksss. So I made my first experiment to have short hair by cutting it extremely to shape chin-bob style. There were a lot of hair left in the floor and I wanted to cry! But after some weeks, it was not curly anymore, I liked the wave! But I just needed better mentality to do it.

As you know, wearing hijab needs more intensive hair care because dandruff can be easier to grow and to get hair lost. Sometimes activity made me too tired to have any hair care, so I wanted to let it fresh - I was tempted to do it again. At first it felt good but I missed my long hair.

Yeah, I miss it!

And I promise to myself that I will not cut it anymore - at least, not in impulsive way like that. Because I want to have long hair when I get married. I'm sure that I still have enough time. Please hair, grow faster! LOL.

August 29, 2012

Colon Dash Close-Parenthesis

It is one of the most beautiful moments ever in my life.

And I am so happy until I can't sleep. I remember every detail that gracefully dances in my mind. It's like I have abundant energy for several days. I smile a lot and my cheeks blush like falling in love for the first time.

Have you ever felt the emotion that your heart bits so fast against the fear and it won't be easier to pass the things that you can't stop thinking - but finally everything runs well - better than your expectation?

It seems like I find the right track - everything is much clearer now.

Thank You Allah for opening my eyes wider and for helping me to deal with my negative feelings. And I realize that it's not the phase to complain about the worthless things while something worth is being prepared silently and surprisingly for me.

I need to be grateful more and more :')

August 23, 2012

Eid Mubarak :)

Finally, after all these years, we could gather and capture photo together - three generations of Zaki Mubarak Badres as my grandfather's and in this picture, he was sitting in the front :D

Happy Eid Mubarak. Hope Allah's love bless all of us. Forgive me for the mistakes dear friends :)

Aku Suka Puisi Ini #1: Soe Hok Gie - Sebuah Tanya

Akhirnya semua akan tiba
Pada suatu hari yang biasa
Pada suatu ketika yang telah lama kita ketahui

Apakah kau masih berbicara selembut dahulu
Memintaku minum susu dan tidur yang lelap
Sambil membenarkan letak leher kemejaku

Kabut tipis pun turun pelan-pelan
Di lembah kasih, lembah Mandalawangi
Kau dan aku tegak berdiri
Melihat hutan-hutan yang menjadi suram
Meresapi belaian angin yang menjadi dingin

Apakah kau masih membelaiku semesra dahulu
Ketika kudekap kau
Dekaplah lebih mesra, lebih dekat

Lampu-lampu berkelipan di Jakarta yang sepi
Kota kita berdua, yang tua dan terlena dalam mimpinya
Kau dan aku berbicara
Tanpa kata, tanpa suara

Ketika malam yang basah menyelimuti Jakarta kita
Apakah kau masih akan berkata
Kudengar derap jantungmu
Kita begitu berbeda dalam semua
Kecuali dalam cinta

Hari pun menjadi malam
Kulihat semuanya menjadi suram
Wajah-wajah yang tidak kita kenal berbicara
Dalam bahasa yang kita tidak mengerti
Seperti kabut pagi itu

Manisku, aku akan jalan terus
Membawa kenang-kenangan dan harapan-harapan
Bersama hidup yang begitu biru

Jakarta, Selasa, 1 April 1969

Just Because

Woman: "Because I have to be strong all the time. It's tiring. I can't be perfect every time. I know that I am used to figuring out everything by myself but all I need is... you want to understand me just a little bit - please, just a little bit. And you don't mind being next to me sometimes, sending me smiley emoticon for relieving my bad morning or a simple goodnight before going to sleep. And please, don't neglect when I miss you. Because it hurts realizing that this feeling becomes useless. I mean nothing for you"  

Man: "So after these far, loving you is just about that? And you want to break it?"  

Woman: "..."  

Man: "Have you ever known that I miss you too much? Everyday. But what can I do? I'm just able to send you prayers - in silence. Because it hurts realizing that I can't help when you need, I can't see your face, I can't hear your voice, and I save everything by myself - in silence. I don't want to make you sad, but I know that I still can't do the best of me. I'm sorry. I don't mean to, I just want you to be tough. If you are, I do believe that it's good for your life dear. Please, I'm sorry. If you don't say, I never know. I don't know that's what you want me to do. I don't know that you miss me too. I don't know..."  

Woman: "Honey..."  

Man: "Yeah?"  

Woman: "I'm sorry"  

Man: "Please help me to make this relationship work out. We won't give up, will we?"

Just because someone doesn't love you as the way you want them to,doesn't mean they don't love you with everything they have ~

We Used To Be Good Friends

We used to be good friends.

I remember the first time we met and you gave me your own made sandwiches. You knew the address from someone's database. In my first impression, your face indicated like having Arabic or India blood but you're pure Javanese in fact. Before that, we just said hello in social media - and you always wrote posts in English, talked fluently in Japanese, and shared about many general issues. Sometimes i didn't know what you actually meant and i learned much from you. You've been so smart. Yes, you are.

I remember how you cared to me a lot - even more than yourself. You reminded me to eat regularly and have good rests. Otherwise, you sent me food directly to my boarding house then hung it on the fence - no matter what time it was - either midnight or dawn. I got mad with your behavior of forcing me to eat, but I realized that it was for my goodness. Then I took it and what was in the plastic bag often surprised me.

I remember how great you helped me when I was in trouble. When I was robbed and all of things in my bag were lost - I felt extremely upset. You asked me to calm down and gifted me new prayer clothes and USB flash drive to replace the lost ones. I still save it until right now.

I remember how enthusiastic you supported me about education and my passion of being a writer. You introduced me to some literature in foreign language, new good books to increase my motivation, and you got me one thing i dreamed about - fairy tale book in exclusive hardcover. You often asked me to some international expos - I couldn't be there mostly but you never forgot to bring me something as souvenir or England map with colleges address on it. I never knew how you could make it possible to make me happy.

I remember when your leg was in injury. But you still made your promises to take me to cafe which served purple ice cream. You went there and tried to find the place earlier in the afternoon. I felt terrible because you did hurt yourself. But it was the time we went out together and I appreciated it.

I remember that you do love postage stamps. And you're a very good listener. We used to share things with letter or messages about anything - about any which disturbed my mind and yours. And you always treat your friends very well - even too well. When the statement that once came from my mouth, "Friendship may end in love, but love never ends in friendship" - it unexpectedly really bothered you. Although I just found that note from an article in magazine but you took it seriously.

And confession made everything like trouble. Nobody was wrong. It was me - who was afraid to say the truth. To say that we couldn't and we shouldn't. I didn't give any decision. And it was like trouble - most of my friends didn't like you unreasonably and it was so awkward to let us this close. You should blame me for this. And you were my friend. Yes, you were.

Months and months and I kept concealing anything. I was in love with someone and I made my first relationship. You and I had tried to fix the friendship - but it failed. We were like strangers. I couldn't deal with my big ego and you were like hiding something that you couldn't forgive or forget. It's sad.

Thank you for everything you did and had been there in my bad times and good times. May Allah bless you with happiness and easiness in life.

August 16, 2012

Patahan #61

"Tuhanmu tiada meninggalkanmu dan tiada pula membencimu" [Ad-Dhuha, 93:3]

Allah bukan hanya milik orang yang saleh tetapi juga orang yang salah. Yes, Allah never leaves me :')

Walking Together

“Bertemulah hanya sekali-sekali, dengan itu cinta bersemi” – Ali Bin Abi Thalib.

Kita telah berjanji untuk berjalan bersama. Walau hanya berjalan, tak semudah itu. Aku dan kamu masih bersisihan di jalan yang berbeda - menjalani hidup masing-masing dan memupuk kapasitas diri, lalu kita sama-sama bertemu dengan banyak orang dan menjaring pengalaman. Jangan lupakan setiap langkah yang kamu ambil, setiap lubang yang kamu hindari, atau pemandangan indah yang kamu tangkap di antara fajar dan senja hari - agar jika tiba waktunya, kamu bisa menceritakannya padaku. Sehingga walaupun aku tak pernah melihat jejakmu, aku bisa seakan-akan berada di sisimu - menikmati sinar mentari yang menyentuh kulitmu dan menghirup udara pagi yang menghidupi paru-parumu.

"Aku sedih sekali. Aku tak pernah bisa melakukan apa yang seharusnya kulakukan"

"Memang apa yang seharusnya kau lakukan?"

"Seperti mereka..."

"Tak perlu"

"Aku hanya bisa mendoakanmu - dalam sujud singkat dan panjangku"

"Terima kasih. Itulah yang paling aku perlukan. Doamu - yang langsung akan mengubah hidupku, mempermudah jalanku, menjagaku baik-baik selalu. Saat ini tak ada yang lebih baik dari itu"


Tetaplah berjalan bersama, jangan kau ragu, bersabarlah dengan perkara cinta dan waktu. Teruslah mencapai cita dan asamu, hingga akhirnya kita tiba di persimpangan - untuk mempertemukan aku dan kamu menuju jalan yang satu. Yang kita tunggu.

Image taken from here

Anak Abah :)

Kalau ditanya, siapa orang yang paling berpengaruh dalam hidup saya - orang itu adalah Abah :)

Tak henti-hentinya saya menulis tentang beliau. Beliau yang rutin membawa saya ke toko buku sejak kecil, membelikan beberapa buku saku yang saat itu harganya masih lima ratus rupiah, piknik membawa tikar dan bekal ke Taman Ria atau kebun binatang, mengajak saya menonton film animasi dan keluarga terbaru mulai dari Home Alone, Lion King sampai Harry Potter, bersepeda dari rumah ke rumah memenuhi panggilan memperbaiki televisi atau radio pelanggan, dan pulangnya membeli susu, makanan enak, atau buah-buahan agar saya tak sakit-sakitan.

Abah selalu mengajarkan untuk bekerja keras - tak boleh meminta dan hidup harus berjuang. Jika saat ini pernah miskin, maka tak boleh lagi di hari kemudian. Anak-anak harus sekolah, harus rajin belajar - karena pendidikan adalah jalan untuk mengubah nasib dan sejarah kemiskinan. Tak apa bersusah payah bekerja seharian, yang penting nutrisi keluarga tak kekurangan. Tak apa jarang membeli pakaian, baju yang sama - cuci pakai setiap hari, yang penting anak-anak pakai baju yang sepadan. Tak apa bersakit-sakit membangun kehidupan, asalkan tak hidup dari belas kasihan orang.

Kini usia Abah sudah lebih dari setengah abad dan rambutnya sudah beruban hampir keseluruhan. Tatapannya masih hangat. Tubuhnya masih sehat. Ibadahnya taat. Hasil kerjanya masih cermat. Kata-katanya semakin bijak, "Jangan menyerah, Allah akan menjawab doamu" "Abah doakan pasti nanti kamu bisa kesana"

Wajahnya selalu berseri-seri saat aku pulang, diantar kemana-mana - bahkan libur bekerja hanya untuk bisa bercerita dan menikmati waktu bersama. Abah tak banyak bicara - jika kebetulan saya menelpon dan beliau yang mengangkat maka beliau hanya menanyakan pertanyaan yang berulang-ulang. "Sehat-sehat kan?" "Bagaimana di kantor?". Dan saya bercerita panjang lebar, lagi dan lagi - beliau mendengarkan dengan seksama. Ah, menyenangkan sekali.

Saya tak pernah siap membayangkan betapa luar biasa haru yang harus beliau tahan jika saat itu datang - bukan karena tak restu tapi karena kesepian seperti membiarkan hati lepas sebagian. Ada begitu banyak kekhawatiran. Tidak ada ayah yang ingin anak perempuannya disia-siakan, sebagaimana mereka telah mendidik dan membesarkan dengan begitu banyak kasih sayang, kehormatan, dan penghargaan.

Tapi di balik semua itu, ada begitu banyak doa, harapan, dan nasihat yang tak lekang oleh zaman. 

Abah, engkau lelaki hebat. Selalu, please have long life for me, for us. There are too many things that I haven't done for you.


Patahan #60

Benarlah manusia itu harus diajari dengan cara-cara yang baik dan lemah lembut. Karena fitrah hati itu menyukai kebenaran dan menyukai yang lemah lembut. Jika diajari dengan cara yang keras, maka hatinya pun akan menjadi keras. Bahkan kalimat-kalimat Allah dalam Al-Qur'an saja diuntaikan-Nya dengan demikian halus dan indah :)

“Allah Mahalembut terhadap hamba-hamba-Nya, Dia memberi rizki kepada siapa yang dikehendaki-Nya dan Dialah yang Mahakuat lagi Mahaperkasa.” (Asy-Syuura: 19)

#20 Self Note

Senin, 13 Agustus 2012.

Ini adalah keempat kalinya saya izin sejenak 2 atau 3 jam dari kantor untuk mengurus berkas-berkas perkuliahan. Hari ini saya ingin menyelesaikan yang tersisa yakni melengkapi berkas pemeriksaan kesehatan yang berlaku untuk semua calon mahasiswa baik reguler maupun alih program. Dan memang, menunggu hasil test rontgen adalah prosedur yang menjemukan - dengan nomor antrean 1743 - dan sudah menjalani test sejak hari Kamis, entah kapan peluang saya untuk bisa dipanggil oleh panitia dan mengikuti prosedur pemeriksaan lanjutan oleh dokter kampus.

Sesuai jadwal, ini adalah hari terakhir pengumpulan berkas - sudah dua jam - dan belum juga ada tanda-tanda saya akan dipanggil, sementara atasan saya sudah menghubungi karena ada tugas yang harus diselesaikan. Semakin lama antrean semakin panjang dan berdesakan. Semua gelisah dan saya pun demikian - berdoa dalam hati memaksa Tuhan untuk mengabulkan permintaan agar nama saya yang dipanggil.

"Tolong ya Rabb, namaku yang dipanggil ya Rabb, tolong ya Rabb"

Dan nama saya juga belum dipanggil.

Tapi benarlah bahwa Allah Maha Mendengar dan selalu punya cara untuk menjawab doa-doa kita, bisa saja terwujud, bisa saja ditunda sejenak, tapi bisa juga tidak - karena ada hal lain yang memang lebih baik terjadi. Semacam keajaiban.

Nama saya memang belum juga dipanggil, tapi di antara kerumunan orang itu - tiba-tiba saya melihat seseorang yang tak asing yakni calon teman sekelas yang baru saya kenal beberapa hari yang lalu. Dia memanggil-manggil saya dan menyampaikan kalimat yang sangat melegakan, "Berkasnya bisa langsung dikumpulkan saja, tidak perlu menunggu hasil test selanjutnya"

Syukurlah. Setelah itu saya langsung kembali ke kantor.

Alhamdulillah, nama saya memang tidak kunjung dipanggil oleh panitia sesuai permohonan saya kepada-Nya, tetapi Dia mewujudkan sesuatu yang lebih baik, yakni mempertemukan saya dengan seorang teman yang membawa kabar baik untuk saya. Allah Maha Tahu.

“Berdoalah kepadaKu niscaya akan Aku perkenankan bagimu". (QS. Ghofir: 60)


August 13, 2012

#7 Mei untuk Maret: Ini Cukup, Lebih Dari Cukup

"Maret, apa kau tak pernah iri pada mereka?"

"Mengapa harus iri? Bagiku, ini cukup, dan punya kamu - ini sudah lebih dari cukup"

"Maret, kau tahu? Bahwa selalu merindukanmu seperti ini membuatku bersyukur"

"Aku pun demikian. Kalau begitu, belajarlah meredam rasa rindumu, agar tak lebih dari rasa syukurmu. Percayalah, kita sedang memperjuangkan akhirnya bukan? Bukankah itu yang paling penting?"

Dan air mata Mei tumpah begitu saja. Kali ini matanya berbinar, mata penuh kesabaran, senyum penuh kesyukuran.

And I can feel you so close in heart - and it's beautiful.

image taken from here

How It Really Feels To Be 90's


Film Petualangan Sherina, lagu-lagu Papa T. Bob, jajanan yang menggiurkan, Choki choki, Anak Mas, permainan tradisional, Tazos, Sega, Tamagochi, papan dan kapur tulis, Ksatria Baja Hitam, dan menjadi anak kecil seutuhnya tanpa distorsi gadget dan lingkungan yang memaksa untuk menjadi cepat dewasa.

17 tahun yang laluuu huksss - saya baris pertama nomor 5 dari kanan :D

People said that 90's produced the coolest generation. It's the last generation with COMMON SENSE, yeah, it's fact! :p

Sebutir Biji Jagung

"Ayah, mengapa biji jagung ini harus ditanam dan ditimpa dengan tanah? Kasihan ayah, berat baginya ayah"

"Karena itu akan membuatnya tumbuh. Kau butuh ujian dan ditempa, agar bisa tumbuh"

"Ayah, setelah tumbuh, mengapa masih harus disirami setiap hari, ayah?"

"Agar tak layu, agar tegak menopang terhadap perubahan. Kau butuh disirami ilmu dan iman, agar tak goyah, agar tak kalah oleh zaman"

"Ayah, mengapa jagung ini harus dipupuk dengan pupuk kandang? Kasihan ayah, bau baginya ayah"

"Kita orang miskin, nak. Kita hanya punya pupuk kandang, bau, tapi akan menguatkanmu. Ketika kau sudah bertumbuh, akan datang orang-orang yang mungkin tidak menyukai dirimu. Memang bau, tapi itu pupuk kandangmu"


- kisah Jamil Azzaini. Dikutip dari chatting with YM edisi Memuliakan Orang Tua.

Adek :)

Mama: "Hujan deras, dek. Sholat tarawihnya di rumah saja ya"

Adek: "Walaupun hujan dan sendirian, adek tetap mau sholat tarawih di mesjid"

Lalu dia berlari setelah mendengar adzan isya sambil mengangkat sarungnya menuju mesjid.

Ah adek, sudah besar ya, sudah pintar, smoga semakin disayang Allah ya nak :)

Selamat ulang tahun yang ke-14, adek. Lihat tatapanmu di foto itu, sangat manis dan polos bukan?

Patahan #59

Apa yang kita lakukan untuk diri sendiri, akan mati bersama kita. Perubahan yang kita lakukan dan bermanfaat bagi orang lain akan lebih kekal abadi”.


- Rhenald Kasali, Cracking Enterpreneur

August 1, 2012

#6 Maret untuk Mei: Sesuatu di Balik Pelangi

Gerimis baru saja reda. Sebuah rona tujuh warna muncul di angkasa menemani mereka yang berjalan pelan-pelan di setapak yang basah akibat hujan.

Mei menerawang lantas melontarkan tanya, "Apa kau tahu yang sebenarnya tersembunyi di balik pelangi?"

Maret menggeleng dan diam sejenak. "Aku menyebutnya harapan", jawabnya.


"Karena apa yang kau tak tahu tapi kau meyakininya - tempat itu adalah harapan"

Seketika awan jingga muncul beriringan.

"Semoga kau masih punya tempat seperti itu, Mei"

Mei mengangguk. "Salah satu tempat itu adalah kamu"

"Karena aku tak tahu apa yang terjadi pada akhirnya nanti - tapi aku meyakininya. Kamulah harapanku - untuk menjadi imamku kelak"

Maret tertegun. Raut wajahnya seperti menahan malu. Ah Mei, kamu itu.  Tentu saja, Mei. Tentu!

"Pelanginya sudah pudar"

"Mungkin aku merusak bentuknya karena terbang ketinggian setelah mendengar pintamu" ujar Maret diikuti tawa bahagia yang sempurna.

"Apa ini tanda langit mendengar doaku?"

"Bukan langit yang mendengar, tapi sang penguasa langit yang Maha Mendengar"

"Aku takut, Maret. Jika pada akhirnya aku tak akan bersama kamu"

"Jangan mendahului ketetapan-Nya dengan prasangkamu. Berdoa dan percayalah. Jika dua anak manusia memang berjodoh, maka Dia akan menggerakkan hati keduanya, memudahkan segala sesuatunya. Apapun yang terjadi. Apapun, melebihi ketakutanmu"

Mei pun berseri-seri. Ada lengkungan kecil syukur di bibirnya, membentuk pelangi.

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